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The Top Five 2019 SEO Trends Everyone Should Know

1. Mobile Searches Are Still at the Top

It's simply easier to access internet pages on our phones nowadays. They offer a convenience factor that desktops have lost. Appealing to this constantly growing userbase and making your web page portable-friendly is one of the most important tips to learn.

2. Make your User-Interface Convenient and Unique

People don't like complicated or chaotic websites. Visitors are far more likely to stay on your page longer and make several return trips if you go for a minimal yet pleasing design. This is true for both the visual and the technical elements.

3. Why You Should Get Familiar with Google AMP

It's a known SEM fact that mobile-compatible web pages tend to do much better than ones that aren't friendly towards smartphone devices. Google AMP will help you reach more search engine inquiries by loading and configuring your website for smaller screens.

4. List Your Business in the Local Search Function

What makes the internet great is how convenient it has made our lives. People respond to websites that prioritize their convenience. Be sure to have your business listed in the local search so that people can locate you easier.

5. Quality Over Quantity

Optimizing your keyword usage won't do you much good if your actual content isn't up to par. It is much smarter to spend time crafting your actual writing or content then just your keyword proficiency. Addressing your visitors' needs is always more important than abiding by search engine algorithms.

5 SEO trends